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1) What is delay signing?
It allows to replace the shared assembly in GAC by signing the assembly with just the public key.

2) What is ASP.NET?
It is a part of the .NET framework and it act as a powerful tool in creating creative and dynamic environment.

3) How do you validate the controls in an ASP.NET Page?
It uses special validation which can make Email Validator, Range Validator.

4) What is the purpose of connection pooling in ADO.NET?
Pooling helps to use connection from a list of connection which need not be re-established for each usage.

5) What is the basic functionality of garbage collector in Microsoft.NET?
Some of the task performed by the garbage collector are as follows:-
* It have a control over managed heap tree and also make it available for all application.
* It attempts to reclaim the memory
* It allocates a piece of memory as the application starts its execution.

6) What is boxing in .NET?
Assigning value type to the object is termed as boxing in .NET.

7) Can string be converted to integer?
Yes string can be converted to integer in .NET environment. The code to be used to convert string to integer is int32.Parse(string).

8 ) What is inheritance hierarchy?
Functionality derived from a class is called as a derived class. It can also be a based class for a different class. Thus it is possible to create a structure and this is called as inheritance hierarchy.

9) What is an application server?
An application server is a software that can deliver application to client computer or devices.

10) What is code review?
Code review is a process of examining the source code, inorder to make the code more effective.

11) What is global assembly cache?
GAC stands for global assembly cache that allows the .NET application to share the libraries. And it also help in solving the problem with dll.

12) What is a component?
A group of related methods and classes. A component is a class that implements IComponent interface.

13) What is the difference between the debug and trace class?
Debug class is used to build debug and trace class is used both to debug and release build.

14) What is three tier architecture?
Three tier architecture consist of three layers
* User interface
* Mid Layer
* Data access layer

15) Why finalize not to be used for clean up?
The problem with finalize is that the object require to go for two round inorder to remove the object.

16) What is DTS Package?
The package provides set of tool that allows to extract,consolidate and transform from single source to multiple source.

17)What is the difference between the ADO and ADO.NET?
* The major difference is that ADO is working along with connected data whereas
ADO.Net work in disconnected fashion
* ADO allows to persist data in XML format whereas ADO.NET manuplates data
using XML as the primary source.

18) What are HTTP handler?
HTTP handler is a process which runs in response to the request form the ASP.NET application.

19) What is the difference between machine.config and web.config?
The web.config setting can involve the following:-
*Session states
*Database connection
*Error handling

20) How to create key pair?

You can create a key pair using the Strong Name tool (Sn.exe). Key pair files usually have an .snk extension. To create a key pair At the command prompt, type the following command:
sn k
In this command, file name is the name of the output file containing the key pair. The following example creates a key pair called sgKey.snk.

21) What is meant by DLL?
A DLL (Dynamic Link Library) is a file that can be loaded and executed by programs dynamically. Basically it’s an external code repository for programs. Since usually several different programs reuse the same DLL instead of having that code in their own file, this dramatically reduces required storage space. A synonym for a DLL would be library.

22) What is smart navigation?
The cursor position is maintained when the page gets refreshed due to the server side validation and the page gets refreshed.

23) using ActiveX control in .NET?
ActiveX control is a special type of COM component that supports a User Interface. Using ActiveX Control in your .Net Project is even easier than using COM component. They are bundled usually in .ocx files. Again a proxy assembly is made by .Net utility AxImp.exe (which we will see shortly) which your application (or client) uses as if it is a .Net control or assembly.

24) What is a window process?
It is a process that is running and allocated memory.

25) What is delegation?
A delegate acts like a strongly type function pointer. Delegates can invoke the methods that they reference without making explicit calls to those methods.
Delegate is an entity that is entrusted with the task of representation, assign or passing on information. In code sense, it means a Delegate is entrusted with a Method to report information back to it when a certain task (which the Method expects) is accomplished outside the Method’s class.

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