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VB.NET interview question and Answer Part 3

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1) Explain .NET architecture?
It is a foundation class from which it is essential to build robust application. It consist of windows form, web form and console application. It is basically a collection of classes and service.

2) What language does the .NET framework support?
Some of the languages supported by .NET are C#, VB.NET, C++.NET. Any language that has a compiler that is capable of compiling the code to MSIL .NET framework support that language.

3) How is ASP.NET differ from ASP?
The HTML code separated from the scripting language, the compiler compiles as dll and the DLL executed on the server.

4) How to manage pagination in a page?
Pagination can be managed using datagrid were we have option to select the number of pages, thus it take care of pagination.

5) Can the validation be done in the server side or client side?
By default the validation is done in the client side. Even server side validation is possible, for this it require to switch from client side to server side.

6) Which control do not have events?
These are the fallowing controls do not have any events
1. DirectorySearcher
2. DirectoryEntry
3. FolderBrowserDialog
4. ImageList
5. HelpProvider

7) What is CLR?
CLR stands for Common Language Runtime. CLR is equal to JVM. Under runtime it converts MSIL into machine language code, which is then executed.

8) What are the responsibilities of CLR?
Some of the responsibilities of CLR are:-
* Code verification
* Garbage collection
* Code access Security
* Intermediate Language.

9) What is CTS?
CTS stands common type system which defines the basic type which can be used in the .NET environment and the operation on these type are performed.

10) What is web.config?
Web.config is a collection of setting such as session date, database, security and error handling.

11)What is the advantage of VB.NET?
* It manages execution of the code.
* It is object oriented language.
* Security
* It uses XML to transfer data between various layer.

12) Which controls cannot be placed in MDI?
It is not possible to place all the controls in MDI. Only certain controls can be placed, such as status bar, progressive bar, picture box and timer.

13) What is the root class in .NET?
The root class in .NET is System.object.

14) What is serialization? How it works in .NET?
Serialization is a process that convert objects into bytes. IT is a process that save the session state.

15) What is a web service?
It is a software component which exposes itself through open communication. It is a group of function that are packaged together to form a common network.

16) What is an interface?
An interface is an entity, which just have the definition of methods and not the implementation. Since c# doesn’t support multiple inheritance it make use of the interface.

17) What is a strong name?
It includes the vdersion number, identity, public token and the name of assembly.

18) What do you know about .NET assemblies?
Assemblies are the building block of the program, it is also referred as smallest unit of deployment and version.

19) What is the difference between private and shared assembly?
Shared assembly is used by multiple application and should have a strong name. Private assembly is used inside an application and they don’t require strong name.

20) What does WSDL stand for?
Web service description language also known as WSDL is an XML representation of the web service interface.
It consist of two types of operation:-
* Result oriented operations
* Document oriented operations

21) What is reflection in Microsoft.NET context?
Reflection in Microsoft.NET is used to read about metadata details like method, reference and type that are derived from system.assembly.reflection class object.

22)What does managed mean in the .NET context?
Managed code is the code that run in the CLR environment. The manage code doesn’t make any harm to the programmer knowingly or unknowingly. IT is a secured code.

23)What is an application Domain?
Runtime environments and OS provides isolation between application . It essential to ensure that the isolated code don’t affect the other application.

24)What is isapi?
ISAPI stands for Internet server Application Programming interface, it allows the developer to extend IIS by writing components that can process the request raw.

25)What is CAS?
CAS stands for code access security it is a part of .NET security model to check whether it is safe to run piece of code and to find the necessary resources required for the code.

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