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1. What is the advantage on packaging over xcopy in .NET?
It solve the problem of DLL HELL and com dependencies.
With xcopy of project the dll, dependencies are updated automatically.

2. How do I convert text from lower case to upper case in VB.NET?
Sub Main ()
Dim string1 as String=?Welcome to String?
Dim string2 as String
End Sub

3. What are Enumeration in VB.NET?
Enumerations are new in VB.Net (As apposed to VB(i)) and they are used to group related sets of constants. To create a Enumeration you use the Enum statement.

4. How to get some of two numbers in VB.NET?
Sub Main()
Dim a, b As Integer
Console.Write(”Enter integer value for a: “)
a = Console.ReadLine()
Console.Write(”Enter integer value for b: “)
b = Console.ReadLine()
Console.Write(”Sum a+b = “)
Console.WriteLine(a+ b)
End Sub

5. What are Jagged Arrays?
A jagged array represents an array of arrays. To create a jagged array, you declare the array of arrays with multiple sets of parentheses or brackets and indicate the size of the jagged array in the first set of brackets (parentheses).

6. What is the difference between VB MDI form and .NET MDI form?
By adding MDI Form to the project, VB MDI form is created and adding child forms by setting MDICHILD property of the child form.
In .NET there is no MDI form, any form can be made a MDI parent by setting IsMdiContainer property to TRUE

7. What is the size of .NET object?
Each instance of a reference type has two fields maintained by the runtime – a method table pointer and a sync block. These are 4 bytes each on a 32-bit system, making a total of 8 bytes per object overhead. Obviously the instance data for the type must be added to this to get the overall size of the object. So, for example, instances of the following class are 12 bytes each:
class MyInt

private int x;

8. Explain about ASC function?
According to the first letter in a string it returns the ANSI code relevant to that first letter. If string is not present then a runtime error occurs. Asc function returns the first byte used. It is used only with elements containing byte data in a string.

9. How can you extract a formatted word?
Formatted word can be impoted by the following way:-
private sub displayfont_click(byval sender as system.object,byval e as system.eventargs) handles
end sub

10. How to get the environment information in VB.NET?
The System.Environment namespace includes the functionality to get the environment information such as the UserName and OS Version.

11. What is dispose method in .NET?
Finalize is a method that is used to clean up the resource, it is not good to rely on it always, Dispose method can be used then the dispose method.

12. What are shared VB.NET?
Shared class is used when a class provides certain functionality that are not specific to the instance. If the user want the object to be shared between multiple instance then we can make use of shared/static class.

13. What are the features of Static/Shared class?
It is possible to inherit them
It can have only static members.
It can have only static constructor

14. Can we have different access modifiers on get/set methods of a property?
It is not possible to have different modifiers on the method. The acess modifier requires to be the same for both methods.

15. How do we create DCOM object in VB6?
COM+ can be used to implement DCOM object in VB6.

16. What is COM?
Microsoft COM is a technology that is used for software development. It is a binary standard which is language independent. DCOM is a distributed extenxion of COM.

17. What are types of compatibility in VB6?
Three types of project compatibility settings in VB6 are
Project Compatibility
No Compatibility
Binary Compatibility

18. How can you avoid deadlock in threading?
A good and careful planning can avoid deadlocks.There are so many ways Microsoft has provided by which you can reduce deadlocks example Monitor, Interlocked classes, Wait handles, Event raising from one thread to other thread, ThreadState property which you can poll and act accordingly etc.

19. What is .NET Remoting?
.NET remoting replaces DCOM. The remote object run in different process client the remote object can not cal it directly.

20. What are two different types of remote object creation mode in .NET ?
There are two different ways in which object can be created using Remoting :-
SAO (Server Activated Objects) also called as Well-Known call mode.
CAO (Client Activated Objects)

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