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1. What is .NET?
.Net is the Development Platform which provides advanced feature facilities for the web and window application along with the window services. The .Net is the Middle layer between the operating System and the .Net application .

2. What is .NET components?
Two main components of .NET are common language runtime and .Net framework class.
CLR converts Intermediate language to native code which makes the .NET language independent.
.NET framework provides services to .NET applications

3. Differences between VB.Net and C#?
VB.NET is windows application whereas C# is console.
VB.NET is purely object oriented which includes improved features like inheritance. Interface and polymorphism.
Developers in VB find it easy to use VB.NET then C#.Net.

4. Describe about Visual basic.NET?
VB is used in conjunction with Microsoft.Net platform, it is a successor to VB 6 version. It is used in conjunction with the .NET framework. It has a vast library that could assist programmers.

5. What are the various open source tool available for VB.NET?
The various open source available in VB.NET are as follows
Mono development platform
Windows Forms
Open source tool of VB is slow when compared to C#.

6. Explain about Visual basic.NET culture?
VB based on RAD tool which is much user friendly for any kind of user. It provides with many shortcuts and much more attractive features that makes it to be popular among users.

7. Name and explain some of the exclusive features which are present in VB?
Features present in VB are:-
Specific project file can be hidden and will show the user only if it is requested by the user.
It is wide amount of shortcuts that enables much user friendly.
Using the AddressOf myObject function a delegate can be made.
It is possible to hide namespace.

8. Name a feature which is common to all .NET languages?
Garbage collection is the only feature that is common to all the .NET languages.

9. Name some of the features of C# which are not present in VB.NET?
Features that are not present in VB but present in C# are:-
Partial interface
Multi line comments
Static class
Supports unsafe code block to improve performance.

10. Explain about the feature Anonymous type?
It is a feature in VB.NET which allows the code to develop the needed data types. It required to be stored in the keyword declared VAR. It is different from Anonymous type.

11. Wat is the difference between master forms and transaction forms?
Master Forms:- The data are entered only once in the application
Transaction Form:- The data can be entered as many times as possible.

12. What do you mean by Garbage Collection in
Garbage collection is the mechanism to release memory allocated by an objects / Variables which are no longer exists in programme.

13. How do I handle Date and Time in Vb.NET?
Working with Dates is one to think about. Especially if your data needs to be spread accross timezones Also there are different date formats to take in to consideration. VB.NET Has some good Date() Functions, one of which is demonstrated below:
Imports System.Math
Module Module1
Sub Main ()
Dim Dts as Date
Dts = # 10/15/2010
System.Console.WriteLine(?New Date: & DateAdd(DateInterval.Month, 22, Dts))
End Sub
End Module

14. What is the concept of destructor in VB.NET?
Destructors used to de-allocate resources it clean up after an object is no longer available. Finalize is the destructor which is normally used. Finalize is called automatically when the .NET runtime determines that the object is no longer being used.

15. What are Console Applications in Vb.NET?
They are recently been introduced in VB.NET. To work with Console Applications select File->New->Project and in selected “Console Application” from the template under Visual Basic or Visual C#.

16. Name some of the features present in Vb 2005?
Features available in VB 2005 are:-
Edit and continue
Data source binding function

17. What are the attributes in VB.Net?
Attributes are items that hold information about items we are using in VB.NET. They are used when VB.NET needs to know more than what standard syntax can specified. Attributes are enclosed in angle brackets<>.

18. How to work with an interface in VB.NET?
Interfaces allow us to create definitions for component interaction. They also provide another way of implementing polymorphism. Through interfaces, we specify methods that a component must implement without actually specifying how the method is implemented.

19. How can I run a .EXE from a VB.NET application?
To run a .EXE file from a VB.NET application you need to import the System.Diagnostics namespace. The following sample shows how to run Notepad from a VB.NET application.
Imports System
Imports System.Diagnostics
Dim program As New Process()
program.StartInfo.FileName = “Notepad.exe”
program.StartInfo.Arguments = ” ”

20. Explain About the ruby interface generator?
Ruby interface generator is primarily responsible for providing the visual part of the Visual basic designed for Omega database system. VBX interface was added to this feature which had the ability to load dynamic link libraries.

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