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Turbo C Shortcut Key

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Key Description
Alt + F3   :- Close
Ctr + F8   :- break point
Alt + F9   :- Compile the program
Ctr + F9   :- Run the program
Alt + F7   :- Previous Error
Alt + F8   :- Next Error
Ctr + F2   :- Program reset

Alt + F5   :-
Output Screen
F1   :- Help
F2   :- save file
F3   :- open file
F5   :- Minimize/Maximize
F6   :- Jump From One file to another

F7   :-

F8   :-
Step Over
Alt + X  :- Exit from C Editor
Shift + Del   :- Cut
Shift + Insert   :- Paste
Ctr + Insert  :- Copy
Alt + BkSp  :- Undo
Shift + Alt + BkSp   :- Redo
Ctr + Del  :- Clear.
Ctr + Y   :- Delete Line

Ctr + K + H  :-
Deselect point

Note : – Some Shortcut keys only for Turbo C Dont use in Borland C.

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  2. Suneel says:

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    Hi,nice post about the language ,if any new updates let me know ….
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