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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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If you are a website developer then SEO (Search engine optimization) is an important topic to research on. It is pertaining to the performance of your website or blog in search results of search engines. Now have you made a blog or website and filled it with enough of stuffs that can attract visitors but getting very low traffic? If the answer is yes then read this article.
Around 70% of people use Google for searching on net. So when we will talk about SEO we will give importance to Google. Considering about Bing and Yahoo is also important but when the Google called as God of Web is with us others make a little sense.
You can do various things to do SEO. Some companies offer to do that for some bucks but why to give them hard earned money  if you have knowledge and time for it..
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

1) Quality Content: –

Google likes site with quality content. First of all if you have copied the contents of your website/blog then remove it immediately. Google dont like copycats . Google bot or crawler knows everything. It knows whether the content is original or copied. You should write the contents yourself. This doesn’t mean you have to make your inventions and write about it. It means write in your own words. Learn the art of copying just like you might be doing or might have done in your exams. Remember copying is not a crime. Getting caught while copying is a crime. I have a tip. Get a dictionary and change some words of the article which you have copied with its synonyms and also change the sentence formation. Important: The article should not be copyrighted and if it is take permission from the author before publishing it on your website/blog. So make sure you have the original and quality content on your site and if you dont have then its useless to read the following.

2) Meta tags:-

If  you are a web developer you should be knowing about this. Your website should have the meta tags like keywords, description and author. I am not discussing much on this as this is very common and if you are not aware about this tags and how to add it it your html then google it.
Before discussing more let me tell you about Google Pagerank. Google has a scale to measure how good a website/blog is. The scale has a measure of 0 to 10. Google uses this scale and index websites/blog for the search results. I will discuss more about Google Pagerank later in this article.

3)Submitting your site to the search engines:-

Submit your site to the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. For submitting to google goto
Note: Google crawler is so intelligent that even you dont need to submit your url to make presence of your website/blog felt. If your website/blog has back links, the crawler will automatically start crawling your site. I will explain about Back links later in this article.

4) Socializing :-

Socializing cant be called SEO. But this can be included in internet marketing. Start commenting and be active on the blogs that have similar topics of your site.
Join related forums and help others with useful answers and information.
Contact the bloggers on your topic and tell them that you’ve just got started blogging and also tell them that you may require help in the future.
Be an active guest blogger on related blogs. If people likes it, they’ll be your daily reader from the next day. I think this is one of the most effective way you can attract daily visitors.
Start tweeting & facebooking your articles. Place facebook page widget and recommend people to join it. Most of the web users uses facebook. For making the most, you’ll have to spend a good time establishing the social media strategies.
NOTE: Do not spam while commenting or Google will penalize you in search results instead of doing any good. Always comment on do-follow blogs. Search in Google for a list of do-follow blogs on your site niche(topics).

5)Submitting to directories: –

Directories are the sites which keeps a collection of good website or blogs under various topics. Now some directories accept listing of any site if you offer them money. They are useless. Rhe best directory on web is It is human edited and they select only websites with original and quality material. That is why I was giving importance to quality in first point. Now if you get submitted in the directory , you have won half the game. Google gives much importance to website listed in dmoz. Your Pagerank will also increase.
Google Pagerank is decided by quality and number of backlinks you have to your site. Backlinks are the links to your webite or blog from some other site. The higher the pagerank of the site you have bank-link the higher the chances your site will have good pagerank. Dmoz has pagerank of 9!!!!!
There are many more ways for SEO. The listed above are just the basics. Others include posting videos on youtube, seo for image search, creating an sms group etc. So happy Search engine optimization and Website Marketing.

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