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SEO Tools for Excel : SEOtools

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ExcelDNA – a .NET Framework runtime that allows developers a great deal of freedom to develop add-ins using either C# or VB.NET. SeoTools is an Excel extension that adds a bunch of useful functions for working with SEO and web metrics.

SEO Tools for Excel  SEOtools

Functions :-

At the moment the following functions are included in SeoTools:

  • GooglePageRank(string url)
  • GoogleIndexCount(string domain)
  • WhoIs(string domain)
  • IsDomainRegistered(string domain)
  • FacebookLikes(string url)
  • AlexaReach(string url)
  • AlexaPopularity(string url)
  • AlexaLinkCount(string url)
  • ResolveIp(string url)
  • HttpStatus(string url)
  • ResponseTime
  • LCS(string input1;string input2)
  • FindDuplicateContent(string findDuplicateContent;vector<string> inCells)
  • CountWords(string input)
  • LinkCount(string url)
  • HtmlTitle(string url)
  • HtmlMetaDescription(string url)
  • HtmlMetaKeywords(string url)
  • HtmlH1(string url)
  • HtmlH2(string url)
  • HtmlH3(string url)
  • UrlEncode(string url)
  • Format(string format; vector arguments)
  • RegexpIsMatch(string input; string expr)
  • RegexpFind(string input; string expr; int group)
  • RegexpFindOnUrl(string url; string regexp; int group)
  • RegexpReplace(string input; string expr; string replacement)
  • XPathOnUrl(string url; string xpath)
  • UrlEncode(string input)
  • UrlDecode(string input)
  • SeoToolsVersion()
  • NewGuid()
Download : SEO TOOLS 

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