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Mysql Operator List

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List of My SQL Operator …..

Name Description
AND, && Logical AND
BINARY Cast a string to a binary string
& Bitwise AND
| Bitwise OR
^ Bitwise XOR
/ Division operator
DIV Integer division
<=> NULL-safe equal to operator
= Equal operator
>= Greater than or equal operator
> Greater than operator
IS NULL NULL value test
IS Test a value against a boolean
<< Left shift
<= Less than or equal operator
< Less than operator
LIKE Simple pattern matching
Minus operator
% Modulo operator
!=, <> Not equal operator
NOT LIKE Negation of simple pattern matching
NOT, ! Negates value
||, OR Logical OR
+ Addition operator
REGEXP Pattern matching using regular expressions
>> Right shift
RLIKE Synonym for REGEXP
SOUNDS LIKE Compare sounds
~ Invert bits
* Times operator
Change the sign of the argument
XOR Logical XOR

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