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Whenever we (Developers) make applications (window or web), we generally provide the functionality of shortcut keys to ease the working for the end users. But we (not all) ourselves do not use the shortcuts keys while developing applications because of our intense love for mouse.

Here I have collected information of Shortcut Keys for Microsoft ASP .NEt 2.0 Framerwork. It’s only a matter of familiarizing yourself with the shortcuts keys.


1. New Project (Ctrl+Shift+N )
2. Open Project/Solution
3. Open File
4. Save
5. Save As
6. Print


7. Undo (Ctrl+Z)
8. Redo (Ctrl+Y)
9. Cut (Ctrl+X)
10. Copy (Ctrl+C)
11. Paste (Ctrl+V)
12. Cycle Clipboard Ring (Ctrl+Shift+V)
13. Select All (Ctrl+A)
14. Quick Find (Ctrl+F)
15. Quick Replace (Ctrl+H)
16. Find in Files (Ctrl+Shift+F)
17. Replace in Files (Ctrl+Shift+H)
18. Find Symbol (Alt+F12)
19. Format Document (Ctrl+E,D)
20. Format Selection (Ctrl+E,F)
21. Make Uppercase (Ctrl+Shift+U)
22. Make Lowercase (Ctrl+U)
23. Delete Horizontal White Space (Ctrl+E, \)
24. View White Space (Ctrl+E,S)
25. Word Wrap (Ctrl+E,W)
26. Incremental Search (Ctrl+I)
27. Comment Selection (Ctrl+E,C)
28. Uncomment Selection (Ctrl+E,U)
29. Toggle Bookmark (Ctrl+B,T)
30. Enable Bookmark (Ctrl+B,E)
31. Previous Bookmark (Ctrl+B,P)
32. Next Bookmark (Ctrl+B, N)
33. Clear Bookmarks (Ctrl+B,C)
34. Add Task List Shortcut (Ctrl+E,T)
35. Hide Selection (Ctrl+M, Ctrl+H)
36. Toggle Outlining Expansion (Ctrl+M,M)
37. Toggle All Outlining (Ctrl+M,L)
38. Stop Outlining (Ctrl+M,P)
39. Stop Hiding Current (Ctrl+M, Ctrl+U)
40. Generate Method Stub (Ctrl+K,M)
41. List Members (Ctrl+K,L)
42. Parameter Info (Ctrl+K,P)
43. Complete Word (Ctrl+K,W)
44. Insert Snippet (Ctrl+K,X)
45. Surround With (Ctrl+K,S)


46. Code (F7)
47. Designer (Shift+F7)
48. Server Explorer (Ctrl+W,L)
49. Class View (Ctrl+W,C)
50. Code Definition Window (Ctrl+W,D)
51. Object Browser (Ctrl+W,J)
52. Error List (Ctrl+W,E)
53. Output (Ctrl+W,O)
54. Properties Window (Ctrl+W,P)
55. Task List (Ctrl+W,T)
56. Toolbox (Ctrl+W,X)
57. Find Symbol Results (Ctrl+W,Q)
58. Bookmark Window (Ctrl+W,B)
59. Command Window (Ctrl+W,A)
60. Document Outline (Ctrl+W,U)
61. Resource View (Ctrl+W,R)
62. Macro Explorer (Alt+F8)
63. Web Browser (Ctrl+W,W)
64. Full Screen (Shift+Alt+Enter)
65. Pending Checkins (Ctrl+W,G)
66. Navigate Backward (Ctrl+-)
67. Navigate Forward (Ctrl+Shift+-)
68. Property Pages (Shift+F4


69. Rename (F2)
70. Extract Method (Ctrl+R,M)
71. Encapsulate Field (Ctrl+R,E)
72. Promote Local Variable to Parameter (Ctrl+R,P)
73. Remove Parameters (Ctrl+R,V)
74. Reorder parameters (Ctrl+R,O)


75. Add New Item (Ctrl+Shift+A)
76. Add Existing Item (Shift+Alt+A)


77. Build Solution (F6)
78. Build Web Site (Shift+F6)


79. Breakpoints (Ctrl+D,B)
80. Immediate (Ctrl+D,I)
81. Start Debugging (F5)
82. Start without Debugging (Ctrl+F5)
83. Exceptions (Ctrl+D,E)
84. Step Into (F11)
85. Step Over (F10)
86. Break at Function (Ctrl+D,N)
87. Delete All Breakpoints (Ctrl+Shift+F9)


88. Attach to Process (Ctrl+Alt+P)
89. Code Snippets Manager (Ctrl+K, Ctrl+B)
90. Run TemporaryMacro (Ctrl+Shift+P)
91. Record TemporaryMacro (Ctrl+Shift+R)
92. Macro Explorer (Alt+F8)
93. Macros IDE (Alt+F11)


94. How Do I (Ctrl+F1,H)
95. Search (Ctrl+F1,S)
96. Contents (Ctrl+F1,C)
97. Index (Ctrl+F1,I)
98. Help Favourites (Ctrl+F1,F)
99. Dynamic Help (Ctrl+F1,D)
100. Index Results (Ctrl+F1,T)

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