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Interesting Facts about Linux and Kernel

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Interesting Facts about Linux and Kernel :-

1. ) Linux kernel 1.0.0 was released with 176,250 lines of code. The latest Linux kernel has over 10 million lines of code.

2. )The Linux kernel’s official mascot is a penguin named Tux.

3. )Oracle made a comparison between Oracle 9i running on a Windows 2000 and the same computer running Linux. The result is 2530% more efficiency with Linux

4. )A 21 year-old Finnish college student created the Linux kernel as a hobby. (Do you know him?)

5. )The Linux kernel is written in the version of the C programming language.

6. )A “vanilla kernel” is not an ice cream flavor but an unmodified version of the Linux kernel.

7. )IBM invested  Interesting Facts about Linux and Kernel

750 000 000 $ in 1999
1 000 000 000 $ in 2000
1 000 000 000 $ in 2001
in the port of Linux on all its platforms, from the simplest
to the mainframe.

8. )Some companies that use linux:
Cisco,Wikipedia,Yahoo,Sony Playstation 3,Amazon,Peugeot,IBM,Rolls-Royce,google,British Telecom,AT&T,NASA,Alcatel,Pixar,Sun Microsystems,Virgin America,panasonic,toyota,U.S. Army,,U.S. Federal Courts,U.S. Postal Service,French Parliament,Bank of China

9. )China is using Linux for the state administration ! If a system is enough to deal with 1 200 000 000 habitant country administration, it’s enough to run in any company !

10.) Microsoft Windows and the Linux kernel can run simultaneously in parallel on the same machine using a software called Cooperative Linux (coLinux).

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