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How to Open a Computer Case

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I received all of my parts on time and I unpacked and checked every box to make sure that there was no damage to any of the computer parts. I set up all of my parts on a spare table and now I am ready to build my computer.

Note: When installing computer hardware always unplug the power supply and all peripherals connected to the computer. Also use caution because there are sharp edges in a computer system. It is a good idea to wear a static electricity discharge wristband. The discharge strap will avoid damaging the components in the computer. Some other tools that might be needed are a non magnetic screwdriver, a pair of tweezers and an anti-static bag.

Taking the side panels off:

There are many different types and styles of computer cases on the market today. Most computer cases open with a unlock lever or have two fasteners or screws holding both of the side panels on. The computer case I am using has 4 screws holding both side panels on (Two Screws for each side). In my computer case, I will need to remove the four screws with a screwdriver and then using my hand, apply pressure to the side of the case and pull back. I will repeat this process for both sides. The sides of the case should pull back and unclip.

Computer Case                    Screw holding the side Panel          Unscrewing thePanel

Removing the front panel:

  • Once I have the side panels removed I have to remove the front panel. Front panels come off in a variety of fashions. Sometimes they use screws, fasteners or clips. The case I am using has four fasteners holding the front panel to the case. By squeezing the fasteners together I am able to unclip the front panel from the case.

Computer Case with side Panels off The Front Panel Removed from the Computer Case

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