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How to Install a Computer Motherboard

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Now that I have prepared the computer case it is time to start installing the computer hardware. The first thing I need to install is the Motherboard (Main Board). At this time I will use my anti-static wrist band. I use the band by strapping the Velcro side of the band to my wrist and clip the alligator clip end of the band to a metal part of the computer case. I need to take the motherboard out of its packaging and inspect it. I will inspect the front side of the case for any mis-manufactured items and the back side of the case for any visual cracks.

  • Now I have unpacked the motherboard and I will begin installing it.

The motherboard has been unpacked and checked for any problems and none were found. Notice the motherboard was placed on the table using the foam that it was packaged in

It is time to pick the motherboard up and place it in the computer case. When handling the motherboard, I hold it by the edges and am gentle when installing it into the computer case. I need to line the motherboard up with the IO shield and the motherboard spacers

Lining up the motherboard with the Io shield and the motherboard spacers

  • Now that the motherboard is lined up properly I will either have to clip the motherboard in using the plastic motherboard spacers or screw the motherboard down using the metal spacers. My case came with both types, so I will have to clip in the 6 plastic spacers and then screw in the other three. If using the plastic spacers, I would gently apply pressure to the motherboard around the clips until they snap or click in place. I am being very careful to not crack or break the motherboard. If using the metal spacers, be careful not to tighten the screws too much because it might crack or break the motherboard.

Gentle pressure has been applied and the six clips are in place

Screwing in the other 3 screws that use the metal/screw time motherboard spacers

Next Step: Installing the CPU

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