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How to Install a Computer CPU

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Now that the Motherboard has been installed, I can move on to installing the processor. First, I will need to locate the processor socket on the motherboard. In this tutorial I will be using an Intel Quad Core processor with a LGA 775 socket. (Note: Using a different type of processor and socket type may require a different installation. Please read the user manual that came with the Processor. )

Locating the Processor Socket on the Motherboard

  • Once the Processor socket has been located the load lever will need to be unlocked.  This is done by pressing the lever down, and then gently pulling out until it passes the retention tab.

Pressing down and pulling on the load lever so the load lever passes the retention tab

  • Next, both the load lever and the load plate will need to be put into full open position.

Moving the load lever and load plate into the open positions

  • The PNP cap will need to be removed from the load plate. (Note: Do not touch the socket contacts.)Removing the PNP cap
  • The processor can now be removed from its packaging. When handling the processor I always hold it by the corners, and am careful not to touch the gold pad or pin side of the processor

Holding the Processor (Head Spreader side)      Holding the Processor (Gold Pad side)

  • Depending on the Motherboard that is being used there will be a variety of mounting patterns. (Examples: Some will use the yellow arrow and match up to another arrow on the motherboard. Some will use alignment slots or keys on the Processor and socket.) Check the Motherboard and Processor user guides to ensure proper alignment. The Motherboard that is being used here uses alignment keys on the motherboard and Processor to assure proper alignment when installing the Processor.

Now it is time to install the processor. Holding the processor by the corners, I place it in the motherboard using the proper alignment procedure.

Placing the Processor into the motherboard socket

  • Once I placed the processor into the socket, I rotate the load plate back into the closed position.

Rotating the load plate into the closed position

  • I rotate the load lever back into the closed position and lock it under the retention tab.

Rotating the load lever into the closed position and locking it into the retention tab

NEXT STEP: Installing Power Supply

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