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History of Google Search Engine

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Important Events in the Google History:

Google History

  • 2005 Perfection/Creation of Google Map, Google Earth, Google Site Map, Google Blog, My Search History, Google Talk, Google Desktop, Google Analytics….
  • February 17 2004 Google announced an expanded web index with more than 6 billion items (including the aforementioned 4.28 billion web pages plus 880 million images, 845 million Usenet messages, and a growing collection of book-related information pages).
  • 2003 Google acquired Pyra Labs and became the home for Blogger.
  • 2002 Year of innovations, creation of:

Google’s web application programming interfaces (APIs) enabled software programs to query Google directly. Google News. Froogle.

– Launch of Google Image Search in 2001 with 250 million images.

  • 2001 An agreement with Lycos Korea brought Google search to a new group of Asian Internet users.
  • 2000 Google introduced the Google Toolbar.
  • 2000 Google was already handling more than 100 million search queries a day.
  • 2000 To extend the power of its keyword-targeted advertising to smaller businesses, Google introduced AdWords.

– On June 26 2000, Google and Yahoo! announced a partnership that solidified the company’s reputation.

  • 2000 Google was answering more than 18 million user queries every day.
  • 1999 AOL and Netscape(Open Directory Project) selected Google as its web search service and helped push traffic levels past 3 million searches per day.

– In 1999 Google’s staff had nearly tripled, and the service was answering more than 500,000 queries per day.

  • 1998 Google Inc. opened its door in Menlo Park, California.
  • 1998 Larry and Sergey encountered many obstacles when fouding a buyer.
  • 1998 Larry and Sergey bought a terabyte of disks at bargain prices and built their own computer housings in Larry’s dorm room, which became Google’s first data center.
  • 1997 BlackRub grew in reputation for its unique approach to link analysis
  • 1996 Larry and Sergey had begun collaboration on a search engine called BlackRub.
  • 1995 Larry Page and Sergey Brin founders of Google company, meet each others.

Google History Home page:

Google history 1995 – 2006 Ressource
The Google History fully well detailed, if you make a research or want to learn more about Google Search Engine this is perfect.

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