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Serious geeks spend a lot of time at the command line. The traditional cmd.exe provided with Windows OS that has not changed since years is clumsy and inconvenient to use. It doesn’t even resize properly, and it takes a mouse command to paste into (hitting Ctrl+V will just result in ^V being printed). Moreover, in order to just change the font family you have to hack the registry!

FireCMD command shell is an ultimate replacement of the Windows command line. FireCMD is a utility that proves the Windows command line really doesn’t have to feel this ancient or be this complex.

FireCMD user interface

FireCMD is not just a cmd.exe emulator, it is a replacement in the sense that is provides an alternative shell to cmd.exe. You can also run various other shells like Windows PowerShell, Cygwin, Bash shell etc in multiple tabs simultaneously. Moreover, you can run edit, compile and run Java and C/C++ programs in it’s console emulator environment.

FireCMD’s notable features are as follows:

  • Unix commands and environment support
  • Recursive and persistent command aliases
  • Persistent and filtered command history
  • Snapshot feature
  • File and directory name completion
  • Customizable fonts and colors
  • Copy-Paste using shortcuts Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V
  • Command substitution
  • Command substitution using files
  • HTML and CSS support
  • Easy window resize and full screen mode
  • Remembers last working directory for next session

FireCMD Download Page

Get it from CNET!

Conclusion: Ditch cmd.exe. It’s complex, limited, has hardly been updated in 20 yrs, and is just a pain. If you ever use the command prompt, you owe it to yourself to get a much better shell. FireCMD is awesome, powerful and yet easy to use.

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