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Build Your Own Computer Introduction

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Building your own computer can be a great and rewarding experience. When you decide to build your own computer it gives you several options you will not find when buying a pre-built computer.

You have the option of choosing your own computer components, customizing the computer to your own specs, and in the end, it may end up being more cost effective than buying a new computer. Building your own computer will also better familiarize you with how your computer works, so if a problem arises, you will most likely have the knowledge to fix it on your own. I feel the best way to gain the knowledge, along with hands on experience, is through step-by-step instructions. Based on the premise, I created a basic tutorial on how I built a computer from start to finish.

I also chose to use several picture visuals to help during the process. This Tutorial consists of basic detailed instructions:

Buying Computer Components when Building Your own PC:

When you are building your own PC I recommend buying computer components from well known parts suppliers. This will avoid some of the chances that a part might be bad, or if one is bad their customer service can help you faster and more efficiantly than an unknown vendor.

Now, I assume you know what you want to use your computer for, you have a budget set up and you know where you are going to buy your computer components.

Steps to Build Your Own PC

  1. Choosing Computer Components
  2. Opening the Computer Case
  3. Preparing the Computer Case
  4. Installing the Motherboard
  5. Installing the CPU
  6. Installing the Power Supply
  7. Installing RAM
  8. Installing a CPU Cooler
  9. Various Connectors on the Motherboard
  10. Installing Video Card(s)
  11. Installing Hard Drive(s)
  12. Installing CD / DVD / Floppy Drives
  13. Installing Case Fans
  14. Installing the Operating System

Step 1

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