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ASP.NET Interview Question and Answer

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  • What is the difference between Authentication and Authorization?

Authentication is something that verifies the user identity and authorization is a process where identity is checked and then provided access to the system.

  • What is the difference between Namespace and Assembly?

The major difference between namespace and assembly are:- Assembly is physical grouping up of logical units. Namespace is logically grouped classes Namespace can spam multiple Assembly.

  • What are the different types of JIT?

Three types of JIT compilers are • Pre-JIT • Econo-JIT • Normal-JIT

  • How can we kill a user session?

Session.Abandon can be used to kill user session.

  • What are the different IIS isolation levels?

IIS has three level of isolation. LOW(IIS process) Medium(Pooled) High(Isolated)

  • What is Namespace?

Namespace perform two basic functions:- It logically group types. In Object oriented environment the same class name will be used by the programmer. Namespace can use to solve this problem.

  • What is COM?

When any request comes there is switching / routing logic which decides which web server from the farm handles the request. For instance we have two servers “Server1” and “Server2” which have the same configuration and content. So there is a special switch which stands in between these two servers and the users and routes the request accordingly. which is language independent. DCOM is a distributed extension of COM.

  • What is Multi-threading ?

Multi-threading forms subset of Multi-tasking. Instead of having to switch between programs this feature switches between different parts of the same program. Example you are writing in word and at the same time word is doing a spell check in background

  • Can we use event with threading?

Yes, it is possible to use event with threading. It is one of the unique techniques used to synchronize one thread with other.

  • What is the use of interlocked class?

Interlock class provides methods with which you can achieve functionalities like:- • Increment Values • Exchange values between variables • Decrement Values. • Compare values from any variables

  • what are wait handles?

It sends signals regarding the status of the thread from one thread to another. Three kinds of wait mode are as follows:- • WaitOne • WaitAll • WaitAny

  • What are the various modes of storing ASP.NET?

The various modes of storing ASP.NET are as follows:- • InProc • StateServer • SQL Server

  • How to implement MVC pattern in ASP.NET?

The main goal of using MVC pattern is to decouple the GUI with data. It also provides an ability to view multiple views at the same time. The three important sections are:- • Model • Views • Section

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