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1.What are the advantages of ADO.NET?
The advantages of ADO.NET are as follows:-
It is not dependent on live connection
The data can be cached in Datasets
Data Source independent of Datasets
The data’s are persisted in the XML
Data Structure are defined by schemas

2.Name some of the top level objects which ADO consists?
Top level objects are
Record object
Parameter object
Stream object
Connection object

3.Explain about the relationship of XML and ADO.NET?
AD.NET provides disconnected data access with the help of XML. .NET framework provides single architecture.

4.What is the purpose of connection pooling in ADO.NET?
Connection pooling enables an application to use a connection from a pool of connections that do not need to be re-established for each use. Once a connection has been created and placed in a connection pool, an application can reuse that connection without performing the complete connection creation process.

5.What are the features of ADO.NET?
Some of the features provided by ADO.NET are
Server Enumeration
Bulk Copy operation
Batch processing
Partial Trust
Provider Statistics

6.Difference between SqlCommand and SqlCommandBuilder
SQLCommand is used to retrieve or update the data from database.
SQLBUILDER is used to build the SQL Command.

7.What are the different languages which implement ADO?
Several languages and
VB script in ASP

8.Explain about RDO?
RDO indicates remote data object. This represents data access application programming interface used in operating systems of windows. This was primarily designed for visual basic applications. This feature allows data base developers to interact directly with Open data base connectivity.

9.Compare and explain about ADO.NET and visual studio. NET?
Visual studio.NET is most preferable to create specialized sub classes. Intellisense are helpful. Visual studio supports database schema.

10.How can you find a problem in the data stack?
Following problem arise with data stack:-
Mismatch between client and database schema
Wrongly generated SQL
Wrong program logic

11.Explain about DB enumerator?
ADO.NET consist of base class. This facilitates in obtaining the list of data sources. The instances available on the network is provided by the SQL server.

12. Some of the basic steps required to access and manipulate data?
Basic steps in the process to access and manipulate data are as follows:-
Creating connection object to connect to database
To facilitate connection record set object should be created.
Update and update batch can be used to make changes.

13. What are the benefits of ADO.NET?
Benefits of ADO.NET are as follows:-

14. Explain about LINQ?
Language integrated query or LINQ provides developers to query data. It uses strongly typed queries and results. Developer productivity increases by the usage of compile time error checking and intellisense. This feature is common on number of data types.

15. What is the architecture of connected environment of data access in ADO.NET?
The connected environment of data access is the traditional procedure for accessing data programmatically. The differentiating property of the connected data access environment is that here you (the programmer) is required to manage the connection with the database. You can only perform database operations when, there exists an open connection to the database. Hence, before performing any database operation (select, update, insert, delete), the programmer opens a database connection and close the database connection after performing the database operations.

16. What are the important objects in the connected environment?

17. What is the Dot Net Framework data provider for OLEDB?
The .NET famework data provider for OLEDB generates connectivity with support from OLEDB. It is the recommended middle tier for the SQL Server 6.5 or earlier and Microsoft Access Database. It is a general data provider. You can also use it to connect with the SQL Server or Oracle Database Management Systems. The classes for this provider are present in the System.Data.OleDBClient namespace.

18. Explain LINQ to Entities?
This feature allows LINQ query capabilities and it specifically forms a part of the .NET framework. This feature allows developers to program in ADO.NET and ORM. This feature also allows access to third party database. This provides new features to entity data.

19. How to create SQL command object?
SQL command object can be created similar to that of C# objects.
New instance declaration can be used to instantiate a SqlCommand object
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(”select CategoryName from Categories”, conn);

20. What are the action performed while updating data source?
Open connection
Writing the changes to data source from DataSet
Close Connection

21. Why do application developers need ADO.NET?
ADO.Net is capable of providing comprehensive caching data model. That marshal the data between the services and the application. This makes the developer to make use of XML with knowledge in SQL.

22.Which version of the .NET Framework does DataDirect Technologies support?
DataDirect Technologies will fully support ADO.NET 2.0 functionality in the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 in an upcoming release.

23. How does ADO.NET work?
ADO.NET establishes connection with data source, pass the query, update and process the result.

24. List the key components of ADO.NET?
Key components of ADO.NET are as follows:-
.NET provider

25. What are .NET framework data providers?
Some of the .NET framework providers are:-

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