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  • Myself Akash Padhiyar.I am BCA,MCA,MSCIT and Computer Lecturer,Computer Geeks,Blogger,Web Developer and running my Computer Classes at Akash InfoTech . I maintain many blogs and websites like this.Akash Padhiyar
  • I am very straight forward person….believe in what i say
  • I want to do something different so everyone feel proud on me, I hate back spoker.
  • For me technology(GOOGLE) is an essential part of my life and I love finding and trying out various stuffs and Tips …
  • I m very friendly with everyone but for that first they should be friendly with me.
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Akash Padhiyar

I am Akash Padhiyar Founder of,BCA MCA Tutor ,Running Web development compnay "AkashInfoTech".

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