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I included many topics in this Website like

  • Social Networking
  • Virus
  • Computer languages
  • Computer related Terms
  • Computer history
  • How to build your own PC
  • Tutorials
  • Computer related Acronyms
  • Hacking Information
  • Virus Information
  • Daily IT News
  • IT Help
  • Hardware Information
  • Software Instillation
  • Interview related Questions
  • Windows Tips and Tricks
  • Google Tips and Tricks
  • Other Important things

which are very importnat in Computer wolrd etc.

On this web site you’ll get step-by step descriptions of the basic Component and technology .

  • Here is your chance to get the basic knowledge you need, so you can enjoy the time you spend in front of your computer, and you canlearn at your own place. This web site is a guide for new computer users. Here you will find step by step descriptions of the most commonly used programs and functions of your computer. You can browse through the links on the left and find what you need to know right now – and come back later and get some more information.
  • This is NOT a web site for computer experts and it’s not written by an expert, either, so don’t worry – you will find that everything here is written in a language for YOU!
  • The list of computer terms will have the explanations to the words you will need to gain the desired knowledge for everyday use. As you get acquainted with the basic functions you will also have a better picture of what your computer can actually do for you in your daily life. After all – a computer is a TOOL, and here is your chance to learn how to use it!
  • As I said, it’s important to learn at your own place, so add this site to your favorites.
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Akash Padhiyar

I am Akash Padhiyar Founder of,BCA MCA Tutor ,Running Web development compnay "AkashInfoTech".

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