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Toshiba TY-WSD9 Wireless Waterproof Speaker

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Toshiba introduced a new multifunction wireless (2.4Ghz) speaker the TY-WSD9 in Japan.Made to stream any kind of Audio source, from your TV, DVD Player, DAP, iPod and pretty much anything, the TY-WSD9 comes with a unique waterproof design (IPX4) allowing you to use it outside under the rain on even in your bathtub.
Toshiba TY-WSD9 Wireless Waterproof Speaker

Featuring 2×1.2W speakers and powered by simple AAA and AA batteries you will be able to use the TY-WSD9 within 25m radius from its transmitter and up to 11h.
Finally the TY-WSD9 comes with a very handy one-way voice mode allowing someone close to the transmitter to call the person closer to the receiver.
The TY-WSD9 will be available in Japan in the middle of March and sold at around 13,000 Yen.

Features :-

  • You can adjust the volume at hand.
  • Sound can be switched to your liking.
  • Clear sound without noise, 2.4GHz digital transmission system.
  • Where you place an audio transmitter and receiver can listen in hand.
  • Baby monitor to listen to the voice of the child for children in the next room.
  • Waterproof so can also be used without worrying about a splash in the bath water.
  • Where there is no dual power supply outlet can enjoy (battery / AC power supply).


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