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Learn Yahoo Chat Commands

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If you are in the chatroom yahoo! then of course you can use a few basic commands that you can take advantage and make you more comfortable chat in chatrooms, however, here is a collection of yahoo chat command, (if you are in chatroom)

/join [room] go to what ever room you wish

/invite [buddys name] sends invitation request

/tell [user] [message] private messages a friend

/follow [user] follows a friend

/stopfollow [user] stop following someone

/stopfollow [yourname] to stop them from following you

/goto [user] enters the room the user is in

/away [off] turn your private messages back on

/think [message] (type this to think what you want)

/ignore [list] list everyone who you are ignoring

/ignore add [user] add someone to your ignoring list

/ignore [add all] ignores everything going on

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  1. Dylan Huegel says:

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  2. Sari Berrien says:

    i have canon i i love it 😀

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  4. Delicious! Thanks a lot. Very nice. Jeremiah

  5. Deepak says:

    I used to be able to emote in chat using :
    : walks into a room
    Doesn’t seem to work now. Know a workaround?

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