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It will be very useful for us to know when the website is last updated,that is whether new posts are posted ,content of the page is updated .We can find webpage recently updated date,time with a simple trick.

Check Any Website When Last Updated Using JavaScript Steps :-

1.) Open your favorite website eg:

2.) Go to address bar where you type the website address

3.) Copy paste this java script code

4.) javascript:alert(document.lastModified);

5.) You can get a MessageBox with last modified date and time

6.) Done

Akash Padhiyar

I am Akash Padhiyar Founder of,BCA MCA Tutor ,Running Web development compnay "AkashInfoTech".

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  1. small but very helpful JS tip, thank for sharing

  2. shashank chinchli says:

    amazing man!
    small but amazing tips you keep on putting on this blog:)
    great !!
    keep posting de same way:)

  3. Thank you shashank .. :)

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