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Google Chrome, since it was introduced by Google, has been steadily rising in popularity. I’d say it deserves that. It’s fast, efficient and secure. Except for occasional crashes, I’ve personally been very satisfied with Chrome since the day I started using it.

Chrome has a number of features that differentiate it from other browsers. This article highlights 3 such features, that you should know if you use it on a regular basis. Check them out.

1) Quickly open a new incognito window

    If you want to visit a site or conduct a search from the address bar, but don’t want it to be stored in the browser history then Chrome’s incognito window is the solution. And to open it real quick, you just need to press Ctrl+Shift+n.

    incognito window

    2) Pin Tab

    If you work with a lot of browser tabs open at anytime then this trick will save you some tab real estate. Pin Tab, as the feature is called, reduces a tab to its favicon and pins it on the left end of the browser.

    Pin Tab

    You can access the feature by right clicking on the tab. Once you click on “Pin Tab”, it’ll reduce in size, as you can see in the screenshot below.

    Pin Tab

    3) Sync your bookmarks

      This is a handy feature that can ensure that you have the same bookmarks on Google Chrome on any computer. You can sync your bookmarks to your Google account via this feature.

      Sync your bookmarks

      Here’s Google’s explanation of how this feature works exactly. It basically saves your bookmarks to your Google account and retrieves them on another computer when you sign in to that account. (My Favorite  Feature )

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