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Cool & Useful Google Chrome Tricks

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There is no doubt that Google Chrome browser has grown in popularity since its launch and could well become the most used browser in some years, primarily because of its speed and efficiency and also because it would now form the basis of a new operating system.

I personally use Google Chrome a lot on a daily basis and so far I’ve found it to be very useful. Like in case of every tool, there are many cool tricks associated with this browser too which make working with the browser a breeze.

1) Use Resources Page To Check Website Load Time

Right click on a web page and click on ‘ Inspect element ‘ . Then click on ‘ Resources ‘ tab to check what parts of a web page are taking time to load. Useful for developers and webmasters.

Use Resources Page To Check Website Load Time

2) Detach a Tab To a New Window

Firefox 3.5 now has it but it was Google Chrome which introduced it. You can easily click and drag a tab outside of the main browser window to a new window.

Tab Drag

3) Make the Most Out Of Address Bar

Google Chrome’s address bar works as Google search bar too. Hence you could do things like conversions, calculations and dictionary lookups directly from the address bar.

4) Drag Downloads To Desktop / Folder

Another cool feature similar to the tab detach feature. You can drag and drop downloads to any folder or the desktop directly from the browser

5) Drag & Resize Text Box On a Web Page

Another cool feature. You can drag any text box at the corner and increase its size. Like in the screenshot below, I can resize the comment box of this blog easily by dragging it downwards.

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