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Facts About Firefox

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1. Firefox is not actually the fastest browser there are other browsers out there which out perform it. A test shown on How to Create reveals that opera outperformed all other browsers for speed.

2. Firefox when compared alongside Internet Explorer uses more memory contrary to speculations that Firefox uses less resources than IE.

3. Across the web it is touted that Firefox is bug free or you may even have heard someone say it or even said it yourself. This is far from true. Like any application Firefox is always far from bug free.

4. Even though a huge percentage of people flock to Firefox from Internet Explorer for more speed test results define this as a myth and in fact IE runs faster than Firefox.

5. Firefox is mostly always abbreviated to FF when Firefox actually prefer their name to be abbreviated to Fx.

6. Another popular belief that Firefox is the most secure browser is demystified in many studies where it has a lot of the time been considered the most vulnerable of all browsers.

7. It is said that Firefox are a non profit organization but this is not particularly true. They are more so an open source company that do make quite a lot of money and have highly paid members of staff.

8. Firefox is not spelled with two capital F’s. It is in fact meant to be spelled with only one capital at the beginning.

9. The system requirements for Firefox are actually higher than they are for IE even though most people still believe Firefox needs less.

10. Firefox addons are known to be safe though tests have shown that many extensions have been very unsafe in many ways even when they have been verified on the addons download site.

11. Firefox’ protection against phishing has been said to better than IE when in fact IE has a much stronger anti phishing recognition

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