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Useful Google Tools for Webmasters

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When being a webmaster it is important to have some useful tools and applications,Google have many that are certainly worth a look especially if an SEO practitioner. Here are 10 which are perfectly suited to many of the needs of every webmaster.

 Useful Google Tools for Webmasters

1. Google Webmaster Tools

This is the gateway to checking your sites most important data. Things like site performance, keyword ranking tracking and index status can be tracked in here.

2. Google Analytics

Google analytics is usually the favoured webmaster tool for tracking website visitors and also for testing conversions using the website optimizer tool. Certainly a great tool for ensuring your website is performing as you expect it to.

3. Google Website Optimizer

This tool is used in conjunction with Google analytics and its main purpose is to help track conversions on your website.

4. Google Trends

Want to know what the latest search trends or how trends are progressing then this is the tool to find this data. With Google serving around %70 of searches worldwide they definitely have the right data for you.

5. Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Probably the most well known keyword tool on the planet and with being served by the search giant you are sure to find many good keywords for your site. You can use this to get keywords related to a web page or by using base keywords.

6. Google Traffic Estimator

If you’ve already got your keywords you’ll be wondering how much potential traffic there is for them. Using this tool will help give you this insight.

7. Google Zeitgeist

This tool is much like the trends tool only is more geared towards offeringup trends that have existed of the last year. It will show you whether they are still on the rise or on a decline.

8. Google Page Speed

It has been noted that Google and possibly other search engines will be using the page load speed to determine your sites performance. If it is too slow it will probably lose its place in the SERPS. For this reason Google have created this nifty tool that integrates with FireBug (a plugin for Firefox) to help you determine what factors ofyour website are undesirable.

9. Google Ad Planner

Useful for both Google advertisers and publishers of adsense. In here you can find much of the important statistical data related to a website such as the gender and age of visitors and much more.

10. Google Insights for Search

This tools is extremely sophisticated in enabling you to compare search statistics across a number of different variations including regions, time frame and categories. It is best explained by looking at the examples provided by Google.

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