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List of Google Products and Services

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Google is not only known for Google search, but the list of Google products constitutes of large number of remarkable products and services. Google is offering its products and services in desktop, mobile and online categories.

Below is the brief introduction of products and services offered by Google.

1- Google AdWords Editor

Google AdWords editor is a desktop based stand alone application which can be used to handle a Google AdWords account.

2– Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser which is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, GUN, Linux and Mac OS X. Although Google Chrome is relatively new in the market, but it has gain huge popularity due to its speed and simple interface.

3- Google Desktop

Google Desktop is a desktop based application that can be used for Google search.

4- Google Earth

Google Earth is a desktop based 3D application which uses satellite and historical imagery, maps, ocean floor and surface data, 3D buildings and GIS from Google’s repository. Google Earth is available for all major desktop and mobile operating systems including Apple iPhone.

5- Google Gmail Notifier

Google Gmail Notifier gives email alerts to the users.

6- Google Pack

Google Pack is a standalone desktop application which is basically a collection of several computer applications. These applications can be Google applications as well as other applications installed on your computer.

7- Google Photos Screensaver

Google Photos Screensaver is a service bundled with Google Pack. The slideshow screensaver displays images from your hard disk or through RSS feeds.

8- Google Picasa

Google Picasa is used for image management, which includes editing and applying simple effects. Google Picasa also featured with facial recognition and Geo Tagging.

9- Google Picasa Web Albums Uploader

Google Picasa Web Albums Uploader is a desktop application which is used to upload images directly to you Picasa web albums. This application is only tailored for Mac OS x machines.

10- Google Quick Search box

Google Quick Search box enables users to efficiently search installed application on the computer and perform online searches.

11- Google Secure Access

Google Secure Access is basically a VPN client for Wi-Fi users. It is compatible with Windows 2000 and XP.

12- Google SketchUP

Google SketchUP is used for creating 3D sketches that can be integrated into Google Earth.

13- Google Talk

Google Talk is Google’s messenger for online chat, instant messaging and voice chat.

14- Google Visigami

Google Visigami is only compatible with Mac OS x Leopard. It is an image search application.

15- Google Pinyin Input Method

Google Pinyin input Method is a desktop based service for Google China. It converts Chinese Pinyin characters to Chinese characters.

16- Google Japanese Input

Google Japanese input  Method editor is same like Chinese Pinyin input Method Editor.

17- Google Blogger Web Comments

Only compatible with Mozilla Firefox web browser, Blogger displays the associated comments from other Blogger users.

18- Google Dashboard Widgets

Google Dashboard Widgets is a desktop extension for Mac which is a collection of small desktop applications such as Gmail, search etc.

19- Google Gears

Google Gears is a web browser plug-in for all major web browsers including Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer. It enables development of off-line browser applications.

20- Google Toolbar

Google Toolbar is another plug-in for web browsers with links to many Google services.

21- Google Blogger Mobile

Google Blogger Mobile is only limited to some mobile networks in U.S. It helps users to update blog from their mobile device.

22- Google Buzz

Google Buzz is a relatively new social networking service incorporated in Gmail.

23- Google Calendar

Google Calendar provides a list of events stored in Google Calendar on a mobile device.

24- Gmail

Gmail is a Google email service, which can be access from computer as well as from mobile device.

25- Google News

Google News is a mobile application to access Google News on specifically tailored mobile device view.

26- Google Mobilizer

Google Mobilizer is used for optimizing web pages for mobile browsers.

27- iGoogle

iGoogle is also available for mobile devices.

28- Google Product Search

Google Product search is the latest version of Froogle Mobile. It is used for easy access to information on Mobile device.

29- Google Reader

Google Reader displays Google Reader on you mobile device.

30- Google Mobile search

Google Mobile search enables you to search images, music, web pages etc from you mobile device.

31- Google Latitude

Google Latitude is a mobile based application which is used as geo-location tool that share your location through Google Maps.

32- Google Maps Navigation

Google Maps Navigation is specifically built for GPS-enabled mobile devices.

33- Google Maps

Google Maps is a downloadable mobile application which is compatible with all major mobile operating systems.

34- Google Sync

Google Sync is used for synchronizing your mobile phone with several Google calendars and contacts.

35- Google Sky Map

Google Sky Map is also a downloadable mobile application which is only compatible with Android powered mobile devices.

36- Google Voice

Google Voice is a  downloadable mobile application for using Google Voice functions on Android and Black Berry devices.

37- YouTube

YouTube is a mobile application to see YouTube videos directly on your mobile device.

38- Google Listen

Google Listen is another Android only application for subscribing and streaming podcasts and Web audio.

39- Goggles

Goggles is an image recognition application for Android phones.

40- Google Dashboard

Google Dashboard is an account management tool for all Google account holders.

41- Google Ad Planner

Google Ad Planner is a web based tool that displays user traffic estimates for any websites.

42- Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager is a web based application for ad management.

43- Google AdMob

Google AdMob is used for advertisement through a mobile device.

44- Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a web based program for web site owners to manage Adverts.

45- Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a revolutionary product offered by Google. AdWords is also a prime source for Google to generate revenue.

46- Google Advertising Professionals

Google Advertising Professionals is a certificate program for Google AdWords partners.

47- Google AdWords Website Optimizer

Google AdWords Website Optimizer used for testing contents from different websites.

48- Google Double-click

Google Double-click is a web based ad serving provider.

49- Google Grants

Google Grants is an online service to provide benefit to non-profit firms.

50- Google TV Ads

Google TV Ads is television based advertising available for professional bodies only.

51- Google 3D Warehouse

Google 3D Warehouse is web based service that hosts 3D models of buildings, existing objects and vehicles created in Google SketchUp.

52- Google Apps

Google Apps is an internet based service for businesses, enterprises and education.

53- Google Blogger

Google Blogger is a web based tool used for publishing blogs.

54- Google Docs

Google Docs is a web based application for word documents, excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

55- Google FeedBurner

Google FeedBurner is a service used for managing news feed.

56- Google Friend Connect

Google Friend Connect is a web based service that enables bloggers to incorporate social networking features to their websites.

57- Google Gadgets

Google Gadgets is available in universal and desktop format.

58- Google Profiles

Google Profiles manages your information provided on various Google services such as Google Buzz, Gmail etc.

59- Google Knol

Google Knol is a service that enables expert writers to write and publish definitive articles in various categories.

60- Google Marratech e-Meeting

Google Marratech e-Meeting is used for web conferencing, but it is only used within the Google Inc.

61- Orkut

Orkut is a Facebook like Social networking service by Google.

62- Google Panoramio

Google Panoramio contains the photos from around the world.

63- Google Picnik

Google Picnik is a web based service used for image editing.

64- Google Sites

Google Sites is a new name of Google Jotspot, It is a comprehensive tool for website creation.

65- Google SMS Channels

Google SMS Channels is only limited to India that enables users to subscribe with different channels via SMS.

66- Google Questions and Answers

Google Q&A is specifically made in Chinese, Russian, Thai and Arabic languages only. It lets users to ask questions and submit answers to the questions asked by other users.

67- Google Wave

Google Wave is an online service which helps users to share and communicate with others. Google Wave also lets users to work together on documents, pictures etc  from different locations.

68- Google Sidewiki

Google Sidewiki is a side toolbar for browser that displays useful information related to any web site.

69- Google Android OS

Google Android is an open source mobile operating system.

70- Google App Engine

Google App Engine is a development tool for developers to create and run web applications.

71- Google Code

Google Code is a dedicated web site for developers who are interested in development for Google products or services.

72- Google Mashup Editor

Google Mashup Editor is an online service to create Web Mashup. It is also used for publishing, syntax highlighting and debugging.

73- Google OpenSocial

Google OpenSocial is a set of most common APIs for developers to create social applications.

74- Google Subscribed Links

Google Subscribed Links enables developers to build search results that other users can add to their search pages.

75- Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools are previously known as Google Sitemaps. It is used for Sitemap submission, analysis, and query statistics and robots analysis.

76- Google Web Toolkit

Google Web Toolkit is another open source platform for developers to build java based applications.

77- Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome Operating System is specifically built for desktop computers and laptops.

78- Google Go

Google Go is a programming language to develop applications.

79- Google Closure Tools

Google Closure Tools are JavaScript tools used by various Google products.

80- Google City Tours

Google City Tours is a mapping application that puts an over layer to Google Maps.

81- Google Maps

Google Maps  is an outstanding mapping service that displays street-level images.

82- Google Map Maker

Google Map Maker lets user to edit the map and watch them on Google Maps.

83- Google Building Maker

Google Building Maker is an online building tool to create 3D building sketches for Google Earth.

84- Google Mars

Google Mars displays the imagery of Mars with the help of Google Maps.

85- Google Moon

Google Moon displays the imagery of Moon with the help of Google Maps.

86- Google Transit

Google Transit is fully incorporated with Google Maps that allows trip planning.

87- Google Aardvark

Google Aardvark is a social Q&A forum.

88- Google Accessible Search

Google Accessible Search is a unique search service for blind and visually impaired people.

89- Google Alerts

Google Alerts is an email notification service.

90- Google Base

Google Base enables content writers to submit their content over the internet.

91- Google Blog search

Google Blog Search is a search service to specifically find weblogs.

92- Google Book Search

Google Book Search is formerly known as Google Print. It is a search engine for printed books.

93- Google Checkout

Google Checkout is Google’s payment processing system.

94- Google Code Search

Google Code Search is a search engine for finding programming codes.

95- Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is a standalone service which permits users to search words and phrases from over 22 languages.

96- Google Experimental Search

Google Experimental search is a platform for testing new interfaces.

97- Google Fast Flip

Google Fast Flip is an online news collector.

98- Google Finance

Google Finance allows searches for business news and financial data with the U.S.

99- Google Groups

Google Groups is a web based discussion forum.

100- Google Image Labeler

Google Image Labeler allows users to add labels to the images on the web.

101- Google Image Search

Google Image Search is a search engine to find images.

102- Google Language Tools

Google Language Tool lets users to translate any text from one language to other.

103- Google Life Search

Google Life Search is for use in China only. It covers everyday needs for Chinese people like train timings, food recopies etc.

104- Google Movies

Google Movies is a specialized search engine that contains show timings at any location.

105- Google Music

Another China specific service, it contains a huge archive of Chinese music and also allows downloads.

106- Google News Archive Search

Google News Archive search is a huge database of Google news and contains contents from over 200 years ago.

107- Google Patent Search

Google Patent Search is a search engine specific to search through millions of patents.

108- Google Rebang

Google Rebang is China specific trend search website.

109- Google Scholar

Google Scholar contains variety of scholarly articles.

110- Google Sets

Google Sets is a list of items generated when the user enters a few examples.

111- Google Squared

Google Squared makes tables of data about a subject from amorphous data.

112- Google Suggest

Google Suggest populates the most popular search options related to your search query.

113- Google University Search

Google University Search is a comprehensive list of university websites from around the globe.

114- U.S. Government Search

Google service related to search queries of U.S Government.

115- Google Video

Google Video is a search engine for video contents.

116- Voice Local Search

It is a non-premium service for searching local businesses.

117- Google Web History

Google Web History provides the complete records of web searches, images and videos etc.

118- Google Web Search

Google Web Search is Google’s main online service for which is mostly know for. It is the most used search engine in the world.

119- Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a statistical tool used for generating user traffic statistics for certain websites.

120- Google Gapminder

Google Gapminder is a statistical tool used for viewing data trends.

121- Google Trends

Google Trends is a web based service which displays graphical analysis of any web search statistics.

122- Google Zeitgeist

It is the collection if most frequent search queries.

123- Google Health

Google Health keeps you updated with information related to health.

124- Google Search Appliance

Search Appliance is a hardware device used for indexing business intranets.

125- Google Mini

Google Mini is a refined model of Google Search Appliance with less capacity and relatively less expensive.

126- Google Nexus One

Nexus One is an Android powered Smartphone by Google.

127- GOOG-411

Google’s directory assistance service only for U.S and Canada.

128- Google Public DNS

A publicly accessible DNS server owned by Google.

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